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Privacy Notice

The information I take on initial contact is your email address and telephone contact number. This is so that we can arrange a mutually convenient consultation session. These details are securely stored under password protected email or smart phone.
If at the consultation session you decide that you would like to continue work with me I will take note of your address, contact number, D.O.B and GP details. The D.O.B and GP details are in case I am concerned regarding your safety or the safety of others. Please refer to my Confidentiality Statement on my home page. These are stored in a locked cabinet.
During our work I will keep brief notes in a notebook that is kept in a locked cabinet. The notes are kept for supervision purposes, please refer to my Confidentiality Statement on the home page.
I never use your name in these notes, only initials and no identifying information is written in the notes. All notes are disposed of within three years of our work coming to an end.
I keep business accounts on a password protected computer and only use initials for client payments. These are my personal records and are not shared with anyone else.
I keep letters to clients on a password protected computer and only use first names on these letters. The letters hold no identifying information other than a first name.
I am in the process of arranging an emergency contact plan in case I am unable to work, and clients need to be contacted. I will add this to my Privacy Statement when I have organised this.
All information is kept securely and will never be used for the purpose marketing.

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